How Do I Remove The LUA Limit

Alright guys I need help removing the 2048 lua limit ( I think it’s 2048 ). This has been a problem for a long time. It sometimes corrupts my files for my addons. Example: I once tried to use a weapon and the reload sound was corrupt it made this static sound that destroyed my ears. Other times it’s missing textures , particale errors , bugs and other things. Anyway, I just need help removing this crap limit

It’s not possible, and implemented for a reason. Reduce your addons or the amount of files they use.

That’s shame. Can you change value then instead of removing it?

No. It’s already at 4096; that’s plenty.

I know it is but addons like wiremod for an example take around 400 lua files

Either combine files or reduce the addon count.

How do I combine files?

Copy and paste code from files together. You’ll obviously need to take realms and local variables into account.

As long as the file isn’t for an entity/weapon/tool you can throw each file into a
– code from file

This will avoid any variable conflicts… or better yet, don’t use so many addons.