How do I remove the title/header of DListView?

This is a quick question, so I’ll keep it quick. How do I remove the header of DListView? I’ve resulted to trying to unassign DListView.Header from it’s default value, which is a bad idea but I’ve tried that. Nothing seems to work, and I don’t see a function to set the height of the header either. Can anyone help? Here’s my code:

local DermaListView = vgui.Create("DListView")
DermaListView:SetPos(0, 25)
DermaListView:SetSize(200, ScrH() * 0.75 - 25)
DermaListView:AddColumn(" ")
DermaListView:AddLine("Line 1")
DermaListView:AddLine("Line 2")
DermaListView:AddLine("Line 3")

Try DermaListView:SetHideHeaders( true )

Thanks, it worked!