How do I report the people who break .org rules?!

This guy, has uploaded many of the well loved maps for gmod. Look:

14 Files, 548 total downloads.
4.7 MB, 2 days ago, 40 downloads
56.07 MB, 3 days ago, 31 downloads
64.84 MB, 2 days ago, 106 downloads
21.06 MB, 2 days ago, 68 downloads
83.23 MB, 2 days ago, 42 downloads

1.03 MB, 2 days ago, 54 downloads

4.69 MB, 2 days ago, 21 downloads

1.87 MB, 2 days ago, 6 downloads
14.15 MB, 2 days ago, 14 downloads
18.12 MB, 2 days ago, 113 downloads
11.66 MB, 24 hours ago, 13 downloads
13.73 MB, 24 hours ago, 10 downloads
6.83 MB, 23 hours ago, 13 downloads
34.23 MB, 23 hours ago, 17 downloads

I’m also a good friend of PhoeniX-Storms and his work has been pasted all over without permission. Is there any way to get action other than bugging an admin?

I believe there was a “secret” reporting option. Also, we already have a thread about this guy.

I’d like to know too, as this guy recently uploaded the portal gun model.

Rules are broken all the time, they’re never punished.

Sweet jesus, Harbl hotel. I’ve been looking for a copy of that!

Fucking hell, the IDEA is NOT to use the reuploaders…

It was javascript:ReportFile(), but it got removed.
It still technically “works”, but after you enter a reason and hit OK, it will say you haven’t entered a reason. I guess it was something that Garry didn’t remember to remove or something, and then people caught wind of it.