How do I reskin in GMOD?

Alright first post so…sorry if it’s not where it should be or if someone already made a thread like this before. I just couldn’t get any good answers on google on exactly how to reskin models for GMOD from the very beginning to the end in a detailed way.

Basically I want to learn how to reskin the TF2 models in GMOD for a personal upcoming project called “Pokemon fortress 2”. And I want each of them to wear something fancy and pokemon-like.

I have VTFedit and GFCscape, but I don’t know about the technical part like how to open/extract/import files or whatever and where they are supposed to go in the end to make them work properly. I did however find a 10 min long movie on youtube but I didn’t manage to follow it too well.

Any help on this would be fantastic!

get photoshop and get a VTF plug-in, Open the vtf file with Photoshop and edit it.

I have both, but I don’t know where to put the files afterwards.

if you’re done changing the skin, save it as a .vtf file (dont change the name as it was before ex: you changed bla.vtf skins, you save it as bla.vtf too) then replace the old file. Also make a backup file just in case.

If you got the file from gcf you have to place the file at exactly the same place outside the gcf, that is …\Steam\steamapps…\garrysmod\garrysmod\materials… (look where it was placed in gcf to know the path)
gcf’s are in steamapps folder

Aah thanks!

The only thing left, I can’t seem to find the normal tf2 materials folder in garry’s mod, only the models I downloaded like Announcer , Miss Paulings etc.

Get GCFScape then look in the GCF files.

Oh yeah I found them in the GCF files, but I dont know how to replace the normal skin with mine in the GCFscape program, if that’s even how it’s supposed to be done ahah.

You dont replace anything in gcf’s, you place the texture outside (…\Steam\steamapps…\garrysmod f2\materi als…) You only take stuff from gcf’s, not change them.

I don’t have a tf2 folder inside the first GMOD folder for some reason :S

Also tried reskinning the announcer, her whole body turned up invisible

aaahh I’m trying to make this work aha.

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This is the error which appears after I spawn the reskinned announcer

When making the vmt make sure its vertex lit generic not lightmapped generic.

How do I change that? In the VTF edit or somewhere else?

You shouldn’t need to mess with anything inside the .vmt file

The VMT file contains all the additional parameters for shaders and science stuff that I personally barely understand, just that inputting certain numbers makes things shiny.

It is the file that the model looks at, as it’s set within the modelling program. Inside of the .vmt it tells the model where the main texture is, so for example, if the texture was in a .vtf called “Worm”, the .vmt somewhere would tell the model that for the Diffuse texture, it should use “Worm”.
If the original model had a .vtf called worm, you could just call the re skinned texture worm also, and you wouldn’t need to touch a thing.

Remember, when content is brought into Garrysmod (TF2 stuff for example), it uses the game’s .gcf, but Garrysmod (And any source game for that matter) always loads stuff in the actual game files first. So if you put a sound file in the same format and location, but in the real files rather than the .gcf, the game will play the “real” one rather than the one from the .gcf.

Now, the problem you seem to be having is with where to put files.

In the .gcf for example, if you where to reskin the medic, you would go to:
“Tf/materials/models/player/medic” and you’d mess with the stuff in there, namely the main texture, medic_red.vtf or medic_blue.vtf (Or possibly both)
Now, if you where to copy both the .vtf and the appropriate .vmt file, you should end up with 2 files named the same but with different file types.
We can assume that the medic_red.vmt is looking at the medic_red.vtf, so there’s no need to touch it.

So, if you now do stuff with the actual texture in photoshop or what have you, you will end up with a nice altered texture and the same .vmt we started with. This should be fine.

If you need this new texture into garrysmod however, you’ll quickly find that Garrysmod is in fact, not a GCF, and it is also not TF2.
The place we got the texture from started with “TF”. This is the game name that source looks at before going into the standard “Models, Materials, Sounds” etc" file structure, and so everything before and including this part of the file path is redundant; It changes depending on what game it’s in and indeed, what drive you’re using etc.

Garrysmod is the game we’ll be using here, so instead of “TF” we’ll need to put the files in the right folders with that in mind.

Take the two files you might have, and put them into some folder that make up “materials/models/player/medic”, on your desktop or something. So you might end up having “Desktop/materials/models/player/medic”.
Then all you need to do is copy the “materials” folder to “Garrysmod/Garrysmod”, just as the TF2 folder has “Team fortress 2/TF”

Then if you boot up Garrysmod, you should hopefully have a nice shiny, visible Medic that looks different.
Of course, you can change all of this to reskin anything (Or anyone) in the game.

Ah thanks alot! Gonna test this out and see if it works out ~