How do I reskin menus?

I wasn’t sure if I needed to actually go into the menu files to reskin or if I could do it in adobe programs… Any help?

‘Menu’ is a widely used word so that doesn’t really tell us what you want to do…
Please be more descriptive next time you post.

If you are talking about a Derma menu (DFrame, DPanel, …) then you can use .Paint .

To reskin a menu, you need to have a fairly basic understanding of Lua (The programming language Garry’s Mod uses). As the reskinned menu has to be developed using code; Adobe programs will not be of any use to you in this circumstance.

I suggest you go take a look at the Developer Discussion. It’s where all posts related to Garry’s Mod mod development goes.

Okay, I will check both link out, thanks! :smiley: