How do I reskin / skin?

I have searched for tutorials on the internet and didn’t understand how, can someone put it in a few simple points on how to? Or add me on steam ( w33rossii ) and teach me?

if you don’t understand than skinning is not for you :suicide:

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No, I didn’t understand the tutorials.

Please, someone help, I’d love to know how.

well just get a program i recommend photoshop and get the vtf file plugin put it in you’re plugins and open any vtf file and edit how you want it :slight_smile: there are other programs and fi you want to know how to hex i don’t know myself

How do I open HL2 vtfs, like where can I find them for model and where can I get the VTF plugin for GIMP?

1)get photoshop or some other photo editing program
2)find a vtf plugin that works with the photo editing program
3) get gcfscape
4) use gcf scape to extract the textures of the model u want to reskin
5)use ur photo editing program and import the vtf (u need the plugin to do this)
6)edit the texture
7)take the edited vtf file and place it in the apropriate material folder
8) run game and have fun

to lazy to spell right right now, if u didnt understand any of that than do more research. if u take more time searching than u might find your answer faster

Ok thanks, I’ll try that out, anyone know where I could get a VTF plugin for GIMP?

Google is your friend. I googled it and tons of results came up.

I already have googled it smart ass, I couldn’t find one which the link worked.

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Well your not makeing friends here by calling people smart ass.

Your lucky google is still your friend tough.

I was stating true facts of what he was being, but anyway, back on-topic, any idea of where to find GIMP VTF plugin?

ProTip: it’s the first fucking link in google.

If it’s the GIMP Plugin registry page, then I’ve already said the link doesn’t work. Link me to it if it’s not.

You don’t need a vtf plugin, get VTF Edit.

You get VTF Edit and open one of the VTF files. You then select Export and it will turn the file into a file GIMP can edit(TGA). You then edit the file and select Import on VTF Edit and it will turn the .TGA file back into a VTF file.

Which file do I use GCFScape on to get the DoD player models?

To get the DoD player models, you just use GCFScape on the day of defeat source file in your steamapps file. You then click on dod, then materials, then models, and then player and it will say american and german, these two files have the player models,