How do I restrict weapons so only admins can spawn them.

I need a way to restrict spawning weapons from the q menu but I still need people able to pick up weapons, just not spawn them. I tried URestrict and it didnt work for weapons. My server is also always DarkRP

DarkRP has a ConVar that controls the spawning of weapons and limiting it to administrators only.

Console Command

RP_adminsweps 1

Also, I’m pretty sure this should’ve been in the Questions sub-forum under Lua scripting.

You can code a restriction into the weapon, memory serving.

Yeah… letting your admins spawn weapons is a good idea.

Does anyone know how to do this on a non-DarkRP serveR?

[lua]hook.Add(“PlayerSpawnSWEP”, “AdminOnlySWEPs”, function( ply, class, wep )
return ply:IsAdmin()

If you don’t want anyone spawning weapons, return false.