How do I retrieve my password?


A long time ago I had made an account, and I had uploaded a pack of hoverboard with it.

The pack is still downloaded from time to time, and I had left my steam account name in case some people would have needed help, but I don’t want to support it anymore, so I would like to edit the description of the file, but I can’t since I can’t remember my password.

So, here is the question, how do I retrieve the password of my old account?

Thanks in advance.

You cant, you either remember, or youre screwed.

Can I at least ask whether my file can be removed or not?

Then I’ll be able to upload it back with my new account.

Idk, try.

Yeah but, where do I ask? Maybe Garry could delete the file, but I don’t know how to tell him, I won’t pm him just for that I guess.