How do I run a server with a server box?

Ok, Im saving up for this server box here, and I wanted to know how to set it up once I get it. I want to know how to set up a server on it. Right now im running a server off of my computer, and it lags when we hit around 7 people.

Now could someone tell me how to set up the barebone server, then please tell me how to have my server run on it.

Install source dedicated server, there are hundreds of guides, An intel atom will not be ANY use for a Gmod server tbh. I would use the money to just rent a server from somewhere like xenon or brohost. Most likely you wont have the upstream bandwith to support a server from home, it uses about 1 - 4TB/mo aswell, so your ISP wont be very happy.
If you do chose to do it from home, you need to install the Garrysmod server onto the box, then place the server in a DMZ and it should work.

I woudlnt waste $300 on that server tbh, it has about the same specs as a netbook. Just rent a server from a GSP. You do not need a “server” as such to run a game serve on. a old Dualcore PC with 2-4GB RAM will be alot better, the only reason servers come in cases like that is so that datacentres can save alot of space as they dont need cases with alot of space inside as they are in airconditioned rooms or cupboards.

I want to buy a server box because I cant afford to keep paying for it monthly, if I get the server box, I wont have to worry about recurring fees. I also have the srcds files installed, I said I was running a server already.

internet bill?

Post a speedtest of your internet connection, $300 will most likely pay for a rented server for at least a year.

download speed = 24mbps
upload speed = .47mbps

I was told that getting a server box would help fix the lag issues when theres 7 people. I was told that server box could host 2-30 slot servers as well with no lag.

58KB/s upload = 20 Slots i think, assuming each slot uses 20Kbit/ i might be wrong though. yes, but the one you linked is about as powerfull as a netbook. You need one with a much better CPU for a gameserver. I would recommend getting a old PC witha dualcore or maybe quadcore and 2-4GB RAM, the graphics card doesnt matter. it will do the job fine. you dont need it to be in a specail case like the one you linked, it if anything worse in a room with no aircon on 24/7.

also for that server you linked in your OP, you would still need to purchase a hard disk, RAM and maybe a optical drive.

Ok, so if I were to get this box, would I be able to host a server?

Do You know what a barebone is? V:

I was told a barebone server has more features

Probably, but it would start to lag when you have lots of props. i wouldnt even bother getting it if youre going to run it from home anyway. the bottleneck is your internet connection most likly. Just rent a server.

Its going to be a TTT server, so props wouldnt be an issue.



its a Computer with nothing but case, power supply, motherboard, processor.

Ok, where could I go to buy a server box?


You dont need something labled as a Server to be able to host things on it.

Ok, if I took an old gaming computer, with a few 100 gb of space, and 2-4gb of ram, and cleaned it off, could I run a server with 20 people no lag?

Yes providing you have the bandwith.

If I connected to the same internet router, could I still support more than 7 players?

What are the specs of your PC?

I think you should be able to support around 10 on your connection, more than that and it would probably start lagging when somebody needs to download something from the server. Do you have any limits on the ammount of bandwith you can use per month?

Here is the ammount of bandwith my server used last month, and this month. it does about 100GB per day. RX = recieved (downloaded) TX=Transmitted (uploaded)

   month         rx      |      tx      |   total
  Jul '10     634.31 GB  |     3.88 TB  |     4.50 TB   %%%:::::::::::::::::::
  Aug '10     129.89 GB  |   927.86 GB  |     1.03 TB   %::::
 estimated    533.90 GB  |     3.72 TB  |     4.25 TB

Intel core 2 quad CPU, 2.33 GHz
8 gb ram