How do I save settings on Garry's Mod?

Well, I tried using that GM_Mount thing, and when I realized how slow it made things, I deleted it. The menus were still there, though, so I had to manually delete them from the spawn list (Rightclick and delete). But, the problem is, upon relaunch, they’re still there. Any help?

Also, I could use some help with Simple DoF settings saving.

Spawn menu sections are stored in (if I remember correctly) /garrysmod/settings/spawnlist. I have a feeling they’re not being removed from that directory, so you’ll have to go in and delete them your self. Don’t worry about deleting ones you need, I think they’ll auto-regenerate.

As for SimpleDOF, isn’t it a STool that supports presets? If so, at the top of the tool’s settings menu, there should be a dropdown box with an arrow to the right of it. Click that arrow, then you can create a preset.

Thanks man. You’re a lifesaver.

Anytime. Feel free to post another help topic or pm me personally if you have any more questions.

Also - Simple DoF is only on Post-Processing; There’s only On-Off, no preset.

What I mean is; I’d like the DoF and Bloom setting to be on automatically when I join a server, not need to be re-enabled

They save for me, i dont know what could be wrong with it.

Also if its normal build servers and you have access to the q menu, its not that hard to click a tab and click on each one.

Also, if you close gmod without press quit or pressing disconnect it doesnt save. Dont ever ctrl+alt+delete out of gmod