How do i scale the player and all items on the map

I remember Garry adding in a way to scale the player and items on a map by a certain amount awhile back but i do not know how to do this. So my question is can anyone link me to a tutorial on scaling or explain to me how to? Thanks in advance

I suggest taking a look at this tool:
It’s called “Resize Player” and does exactly what the name says.

When you scale players, the hitbox doesn’t scale as well. Just an FYI.

You still need to set collision bounds of the entity.

It says that on the wiki page already though Nerdeboy I am sure he was able to read that bit himself.

I believe a few updates ago Garry did release something that allowed you to scale collision models.


player:SetHull( vMin, vMax ) (default ( -16, -16, 0 ), ( 16, 16, 72 ))
player:SetHullDuck( vMin, vMax ) (default ( -16, -16, 0 ), ( 16, 16, 36 )) I believe.

(Only works on the player however)