How do i scale this model to fit the valve biped

k well i have sgt johnson in a model and hopefully in gmod soon but when i imported a valve biped skele with the citezen this is what i get:

how can i scale johnson to fit the skele?

If you don’t know how to resize things, you shouldn’t be doing things nearly this complex.

wow nice way to be helpful ~ZOMG


you should consider running some sorta of “Helping seminar” you’re just so helpful like that.

Looks like he needs some smoothing aswell. If I had any idea how to scale things in 3DSmax i’d tell you but I only know how to do it in Milkshape :frowning:

seriously how do i scale the skele to fit him?


i know he does

Have you tried the scale tool?

Don’t scale the skeleton you’ll break it (anims wont work and such) you must scale the model.

Here I found this that may be useful:

It just seems that he should start off with easier things.

Resizing shit is like the first thing you learn.

thx man

np :slight_smile: