how do i sending a application?

hello, bros and sisters. I have, an Question. How do i send a application, and what is the crave? Or garry, will select someone fx like mod?

sorry, if its a dumb Question. Thanks in advance. :dance: good day to u!

(User was banned for this post ("Crap thread, makes no sense." - SteveUK))

Application for what?.. chances are whatever you want to apply for you won’t get.

are you asking to be a moderator
if so
sorry to burst your bubble but you wont get it

Yeah thanks for the in-depth description of what your trying to apply for. Also everything you said basically doesn’t make any sense rephrase your question please.

You make no fucking sence

I read this miltiple times and still don’t understand what you mean. Application for what?

He was probably hoping he would get an easy answer but instead he’s probably going to get a lot of abuse.

broken english and a need to lurk

thanks, for all the answers yeah i know i am bad to type english. But i don’t want to be a mod or somthing else its just my friend. Thanks for the critic.

what are you even asking for you are making no sense at all

dat grammar

nobody can understand me, sorry for my dumb question it will soon be locked.


Judging by the way you type, you won’t get it.

i said, its not me. Its my friend.

I’m pretty sure you didn’t say that in OP.

Regardless, just forget about it.

I’m pretty sure you could have read it without posting that it wasn’t in fact there. Plus why post forget about it when you just continue it? This doesn’t apply to me because I want to continue it, just case you was going to post a smug answer.

He’s clearly asking for an alpha key. Be nice to the poor noob.

and you joined just to say that? To defend a fellow noob, I wouldn’t be surprised if your his alt account pretending to be another person. Or his friend he keeps referring to.