How do i set admins in listen server?

My friends and i play on LAN server together every now and then bot the only problem is that only the computer that created the server can use stuff only spawn-able by an admin. What is the easiest way to have every1 be able to use admin only stuff?

Users.txt I think, add your friends usernames + steamids into there like the one for your name.

well for weapons you can go into the shared.lua and look for something like
SWEP.Spawnable = false
SWEP.AdminSpawnable = true
and change the false to true
it might work the same for entities but i’ve not looked at the luas for those so i can’t say one way or another
never mind the above answer would be easier, delete this

It’s easier to put your name and steam ID in
than edit every single SWEP’s lua files.

yeah i thought about that right after i posted it, which is the reason the editing was done. a minute after the post was originally made

Oh, lol didn’t see that :slight_smile: