How do I set jailtime to infinite?

Simple question. I wanna make jailtime infinite so the only way out is to be unarrested.

ummmmm… Impossible, just do something like 99999999999999999 and that should be close enough…

Why would you want to do that

that is called

Minging your own server

Ive been in several servers where having infinite jailtime has motivated people to do less bad things. It works.

and how do they get out of jail -.-’

Someone has to RP letting them out. Assuming we’re talking about DarkRP, this is why there is an unarrest baton.

meh just think its a bad idea

But your server your rules.

just watch out for minges

Only reason this could be bad is due to people leaving during their stay…

and minge police arresting everyone then there stuck

And then police can arrest them for hours, making rp boring.

The big problem is that if someone gets killed while in jail they have to rejoin and even then they’d get put back in jail for reconnecting whilst in jail.

This will only work if you have trusted admins to oversee the police, in case they abuse the system by jailing people for too long.

I agree with dexter, Don’t just let any noob be a cop and leave them in there for an hour.

well make god mode to jailed players

If you ask me, you shouldn’t be discouraging a completely IC action of bankrobbing or whatever (albeit this is DarkRP, I presume) with an OOC consequence.

try something like 23e-3 or 23e3. or -1.

That makes a very big number if you put it in a scientific calculator, and I know source uses that for massive numbers.