How do I set that FastDL feature checks if player has the addons via Workshop or not?

How do I set that FastDL feature checks if player has the addons via Workshop or not?

Right now even when I have the addons/maps downloaded via workshop, the server still downloads those files.

Any idea how can I set a check?

Make a lua file in your server’s lua/autorun/server folder and insert the following line:
resource.AddWorkshop( “workship id between these quotation marks” )
Place the workship id you want players to have where it says to put it.

The file should now look something like this:

resource.AddWorkshop( "104606562" )

To make sure players have another addon do the same thing on the next line so that it looks something like this:

resource.AddWorkshop( "104606562" )
resource.AddWorkshop( "104606563" )

Again. I’m using random workshop ids, you’ll want the ids of the addons you want.

When you are done entering all of the addons you want players to have, save the file in your server’s garrysmod/lua/autorun/server folder if it isn’t there already, then restart your server (in case your server’s a linux server).

Now whenever a player joins your server, it will check to see if the player has that workshop addon and if they don’t it will download the addon from the workshop. NOT your FastDL. Downloading the addon from the workshop is faster anyway though, so don’t worry about syncing it with your FastDL.

Edit: This should make it so that clients download the workshop addons as opposed to downloading the workshop addon’s files from your server. It may look like it downloads the addons every time you join the server, but that is just the script checking if the player has the addon. If they have it, nothing will be downloaded.

I mean that I have all the maps downloaded via Workshop and when I entered my server it began downloading all of them via FastDL…

So ideas how to make a check?

So you have already added the file with the resource.AddWorkshop( “workshop id” )?
How did you install the workshop addons on your server? Did you extract and upload them or did you follow this guide?