How do i set up svn?

i have a site but how do i set up my own svn

Go to and download Tortoise SVN.

Go to the thing you want to download, find the address provided, right click in your garrysmod folder and click Tortoise SVN -> Checkout, then paste the address and you’re good to go!

Does that help?

omg! not get a svn make a svn

i guess you’re on shared hosting, so it ain’t possible (unless with Dreamhost) i have yet to try get it working on my server

I’m with

nope, not possible then (try using googlecode or what ever it’s called)

Googlecode doesn’t let you use a password. If it does, it’s hard to find.

I use

It’s a great site.

Link to googlecode I dont want a pass

Need a google account

VisualSVN Server and a Windows dedicated server. It works well.