How Do I Setup a VM

Recently got a VM, but I’m clueless on how to use it. I have access to the files via filezilla and some console looking thing through Putty to ssh. What do I use the console screen for? Do I just upload my files to the server via filezilla? Any help is appreciated.


Edit: I’m using the below guide and it’s working pretty well for me so far, but one thing that’s annoying me like mad is I don’t know how to change the command line, if anybody knows how to edit the command line I would really appreciate it.

Edit 2: Sounds dumb, but I finally found it in the root (garrysmod) under the name gmodserver.file

I would recommend reading about basic Linux command line usage - commands such as “ls”, “cd”, “cp”, “mv”, and then go from there.

You don’t need to enable FTP in order to connect to your server and put content there. You can use WinSCP to connect to your server via SSH and then drag and drop files there.