How do I spam music and sound through my mic?

Believe it or not, when I was on Grigori’s Funhouse server the other day an Admin summoned me and asked me to “spam this on your mic”. It was zombie sounds, but I have no idea how to spam noises/music. I know I might seem like a douche for asking this, but hey, got to find out somehow right?



Please, I’m a noob. Don’t be harsh, but what?

Put your speaker to your mic. Activate sounds, activate mic.

It’s a program that allows you to play .wav files through the mike in Source and GoldSRC games.

Got a laptop, sucks for me I guess…


On another note, HLSS > HLDJ

K, I think I’ll try this

Garry blocked hlss and hldj. No way its gunna work

I already have a fix for it,I didnt make it though.
EDIT:Look and the HLSS forums and see for youreself.

Good ol’ stereomix never fails to impress me.