How do I start a dedicated server?

Ive got everything installed, like HLDS, and I got the SRCDS thing on my desktop, but when I make a server, me or my friends cant join.
Some help will be greatly appreciated. :smiley:

PS. How do I get more maps and add mods to my server?

You need to forward your port.
Go to FPSBanana @ for maps. Add them to cstrike/maps.
Mods are relatively easy to find and install.

How do I find my port, this is way to difficult. :expressionless:

Hosting a game will hog bandwidth… Just saying

What’s your router model?

Mine or his?

Linksys WRT54GL

What game you trying to host a server for?

Machinima’s, RP, Building, all that nonsence.

Useless site is useless.

Google utorrent.
Download it.
Find a torrent for a program called PFConfig.

Thanks for the tip.

Shit man, you might wanna remove that link, you can get banned. :C


Also, I can see my server, but no one can join.


Also, I can see my server, but no one can join.

Firewall blocking incoming connection…?

From not forwarding his port :-/

u can rent my 32slot server for 20$

No thanks, because I don’t trust people that spell like you.