How do i start my own community/company?

I want to is to start my own company/community like LifePunch but i have little experience with LUA coding.

I have tried to get people to joine me as a server admin, moderator etc… but they don’t have any experience with coding or being an admin or moderator so im basically the only Staff on my server which is really hard D:
and yeah i know that i shouldn’t hire kids for being an staff.

So how do i start a Company/Community? and how do i succeed?

Learn how to code; it can get you far. Also, to successfully start a community, you’ll have to make your server appealing enough to generate a large playerbase. From there, you can promote admins and mods from trustworthy players.

It’s not really that hard actually. All you need is a command structure to keep order and a way to communicate. A great example is my tiny Minecraft community that I founded with my buddy, we use Facebook as our main medium and run the server off my PC.

We’ve grown to about fifteen regulars in three months but in the first two weeks we learned the hard way- DON’T ADVERTISE. It’s massive troll bait and will fuck your shit up pretty fast (we forgot to turn on protection and we lost everything). If you’re really interested in a good community, go out into the wide world and play other games (or other servers) then invite likeable people that you meet along the way. Half the regulars on mine play CS:S and the others watch anime so we’re already familiar with them.

I started my community on the release day of Garry’s Mod 13. I took the advantage of having a server ready prepared for the release of Garry’s Mod 13, when other servers wouldn’t be up yet. I had no lua experience, but my community is still up. I learn bits and pieces as I go. My advice for you is to start a community when the time is right. DarkRP 2.5.0 comes out October 4th (I think?), so it might be a good idea to prepare a server for the release of then. I’m sure you’ll be able to find some people who can help you out with custom jobs/shipments, would be pretty scabby of people to charge you for something like that.
However, stick to one server until your community population largely increases where players begin to request more servers. Obviously, if you don’t have the money, don’t get more.

How to make your community a success, or a fun community to be with

  • Pick the right time to start up
  • Have that special something, which no one or not many people will have in their community
  • Don’t steal donations (Spend donations on your own benefits and not the community)
  • Don’t have shitty ranks (Owner, Co-Owner etc…)
    • Have ranks on the line of - Management, Super Admin, Admin, Donator, User
  • Have decent grammar. In my opinion, community founders/owners/management with bad grammar, gives the wrong impression and doesn’t look professional
  • Don’t be 12