how do i start playing rust

when i go to play game nothing shows up

Do you mean like you can’t register or that you don’t see a hud / gui?

you can’t

Did you get an Alpha key to make an account?

my friend gave me his back up acount

When you go to the play page, do you see a big black square or nothing at all between the header and footer?

if nothing try with different browsers.

If its the black square you need to update your drivers or switch to dedicated gfx card if you have switchable graphics.

I don’t see anything at all

Yeah try with different browsers, google chrome is what most people use for rust.

Post the account username/password here and we will see if it works or not.

It could possibly be your computer itself.

Yeah like Vendetta said.
Just give me ya account lel.

Do not give them your details.

I think it is due to a map wipe happening soon. People have been saying that they are able to disconnect but not reconnect. This may be why, to be honest I don’t know.