How do I start with modelling?

I’ve always wanted to attempt modelling, but it’s always seemed confusing. I recently got Blender, and the SMD stuff, looked at some tutorials, but I JUST DON’T GET IT! It’s overwhelming, confusing, and annoying. How do I start, and what tutorials would you recommend?

i would recommend this …Taggart’s Headhacking Tutorial

This one?
It won’t help me, I don’t have 3DS Max.

hmm…i’ll search google coming back in 10min

Thanks mate, 'preciate it.

Here are the basics of modeling in Blender
Blender Noob To Pro

idk if this will be helpfull but…

Both of those look pretty helpful, but the interface is a pain. Any simplified interfaces for it? …heres a begineer guide

What do you want to make models for?