How do I start

I have read some guides and watched some videos but I am unclear on how I can get the hatchet after I start. I played for a hour or so for my first time last night and was able to get some loot but nothing to craft the hatchet. Any tips would be helpful. Thanks.

You need wood (obvious) and metal fragments which can be obtained by putting metal ore (from rocks) into a campfire.

First you have to gather the materials needed to craft a hatchet. You need wood and metal ore for this. You then craft a fireplace using the wood, open the fireplace by holding “e” while looking at it and click open.

Drag and drop the metal ore from your inventory to the fireplaces inventory and wait for it to smelt into metal fragments. When this is done, you drag and drop the metal fragments back into your inventory (you need 10 to craft the hatchet), open your crafting menu, scroll down and find “Hatchet” under weapons. Click on the hatchet, click craft, wait for 20 seconds and voila, you now own your very own hatchet.

Am I able to obtain wood by using the rock?

Hi Relapse! Welcome to Rust.

You can get a hatchet from gathering wood from trees, and from metal fragements. You can collect iron ore from rocks scattered around the area, but they have to be smelted first. In order to smelt Iron, sulfur, and to cook food, you must hold E (or whatever your use button is) over the fire, and select use. you may now drop items into the fire. However, smelting takes time!

Good Luck!

You can use your rock in place of a hatchet, it’s just slower.

Yes, although it is rather slow. You are better off with a hatchet once you craft it.

Ok thanks for the tips. I guess I will gather the resources for the hatchet with the rock and go from there. Thanks!

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