How do I stay alive underwater using life support 2?

how do i stay alive underwater, useing life support 2?

You would need to use a generator, probably an underwater one or a Solar Panel, an air compressor, a battery, and I think it’s an Oxygen Something under environment control.

Attatch like so:

Battery -> The generators(solar panel, underwater stuff, wind generators whatever)
Air Compressor(generator, dont remember) -> Battery
Oxygen Tank -> air compressor
Oxygen Distributor(Dont know names) -> air tank
Oxygen Distributor -> battery

Then turn it on.

Or a better way:


  • Large Energy Cell
  • Wind or Solar Generators (wind if sandbox or spawn planet)
  • At least one Large Air Tank
  • Air Compressor
  • Suit Dispenser


  1. Link Wind or Solar Generators to Large Energy Cell.
  2. If more than one Large Air Tank, link them all together.
  3. Link Air Compressor to one of the Large Air Tanks. (If you have more, and you followed step 2, they will all share air with each other)
  4. Link Suit Dispenser to Large Energy Cell and Large Air Tank.
  5. Hit <E> on Suit Dispenser
  6. Jump in, the water’s great!