How do i stop players from spawning weps?

How do i do this?
I really need to know…

make them admin only?

ASSmod has a option for restricting specific weapons and tools, I believe.

You can restrict weapons, tools, and entities.

that and edit codes if u want so all are
SWEP.Spawnable = false (this is non admins)
SWEP.AdminSpawnable = true
do that and i belive it will fix your problem

ULX or Assmod will stop other people from using weapons, as I should know because my friend has a server with ULX and my other friend has a server using Assmod

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So simple, (if you know how to use ULX and AssMod) :V

Just download AssMod. Really, best solution. Promote your admins to Temp, Admin, or SA.
Restrict tools, weapons, entities, to ranks.

I recommend Evolve, myself.

It can restrict access to weapons, specific to ranks. Plus it’s really easy to use, and not easily hackable unlike the other two. Although I could be wrong, I’m only taking another’s word for the easily hackable part.


when all else fails - Delete the weapons folder completely (if you know what im talking about)

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