How do I stop the ragdolls from bleeding?

Basically I’m doing a d-day machinima for a school project and I need to know how to stop ragdolls from bleeding everywhere whenever I move them

They don’t. :raise:

It’s probably an addon causing that.

If you have a addon which gibs ragdolls after they have took a large amount of damage when they are shot at or cut into pieces then you should remove it and then try again.

The only one I think that would cause it is madcow’s weapons and stuff:

Rename the folder Steam/steamapps/username/garrysmod/garrysmod to garrysmodold or something, then launch Gmod to get a clean install. Once you’ve done making the video, delete the new garrysmod folder and rename the old back to garrysmod to get all your addons back.