How do I stop users from spawning anything?

On my Starwarsrp server I have tried to stop users from spawning in props and ragdolls. I have used this resource and it didn’t help me. Also would I place the hook in my servers lua/autorun/server folder area?

Falcos Prop Protection or just make a lua script that calls user clean up lmao

Could someone show me the code for it

What exactly didn’t help you about this?
It’s literally exactly what you asked for…

The first hook worked, but then they could still spawn in ragdolls so I tried the second hook and it didn’t work for me at all.

The second snippet should stop player’s spawning ragdolls.

The second part of the script doesn’t work at all, it allows them to spawn in ragdolls and props

Does this work for you?

hook.Add( “PlayerSpawnProp”, “BlockAllPropSpawns”, function( ply, model )
return false
end )

make a file in your “lua/autorun/server” folder named whateverthefuckyouwant.lua put the above code inside, save and restart