How do I take good looking screenshots?

How do I take good looking screenshots, with camera focus/blur, effects such as muzzle flash on weapons and getting characters to hold weapons, like giving a hostage a glock…cause i dont think you can pose NPCs and those are the only ones I can give weapons to

Spawn Ragdolls, and start posing them with the physgun.
Than you can use Photoshop/Gimp or Post Processing to make muzzleflashes blur and stuff.


Post Processing?

How do I make ragdolls hold weapons?

Prop Posing, No Collide.

Take a gun. Put it in a ragdoll’s hand.

wish there was just a video on youtube :stuck_out_tongue:
I work better with a video tutorial rather than just text

Here I hope this helps dude

Yay thanks green, helped me pose weapons…now to take screenshots

you can use fraps :),

Use tutorials here in the screenshots or comics section for lasers,fire,shefing, and other effects, play around in photoshop, or google tutorials for different tutorials like snow, lighting, isolation, ect.

It wasn’t good two years ago and it still isn’t good now.

I think this might help you too

greenvenox, who the fuck uses fraps for taking screens? you always use the camera tool, it’s there for a reason.

I know I just forgot what it was called