How do I tell server that I am the admin on it?

So let’s say when I join gmod server that I rented. How do I make it so I can use in console commands like : Sv_Cheats 1 or kick homo etc… ? Is there a way to do that?

You are really bad at srcds.

You’ll need to use rcon (Remote Connection)
You can use:

in console and type remote commands by using:

You will need to set the remote password in the servers server.cfg by using something like

Don’t include the < and > in the commands (It was an example)
You won’t need quotes if your password doesn’t have spaces either.

i would recomend uploading an admin mod for managing kicks and bans , and as for server cvar’s , as buggzie said , you need to use the remote console interface (rcon) , to do so , you need your rcon password (it is found either in server.cfg , or somtimes in the batch file to start up server)

to start an rcon session : in console : rcon_password mah-cool-password
if you are not connected to your server : rcon_address
and then run commands as if you were in single play , but add rcon infront of the command : rcon sv_cheats 1

hope this helps

Add your steam ID to data/Users.txt