How do I test my custom particle?

Hello everyone,
I made my first custom source engine particle today, and had GMOD in mind.
How can I test my new particle?
It is a leaf particle effect, so, I want to see leaves falling from a soda can or something.
Please help.

I’ve never made a effect personally before but I believe it’s done with ParticleEmitter on the client.

Is their a quick, hackier way to do it?
Do lua consoles exist for gmod?

He’s talking about OB Particles.

You want to use this function:

Put this into your console while playing singleplayer:

lua_run game.AddParticles("particles/myfile.pcf") ParticleEffect( "myparticle", Entity(1):GetPos(), Entity(1):GetAngles(), Entity(1) )

And replace the myfile and myparticle with your actual names.

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This will create the particle at your feet in game.

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If you want it to be attached to an entity, I guess use a tool which is available on workshop ( I don’t remember the name )


That Worked!