How do I turn myself invisible? (Including World model of the gun and such)

I am wanting to make machinimas for garry’s mod, but sometimes theres a camera angle which I need to stand in the shot for, and I don’t want to show myself in the movie.
Is there any console command or any Addon that has an option to turn yourselves invisible?

Download ULX and install it:
Click Start New Game on the main menu
On the side there should be a dropdown with singleplayer selected, change it to multiplayer with some amount of players and start it (Doesnt matter how many players)
Open the console and type in: rcon_password password13
Then type in: rcon ulx adduser “YourNameHere” superadmin 1
Then type in: bind \ xgui
Exit the console and hit \ , a menu should pop up and under the cmd’s tab there should be a category called fun. Click on that and there should be cloak, click and on that and select your name and hit cloak. (An easier way to do this is type in the chat box: !cloak first3lettersofyournamehere)
Now you should be invisible