How do I un-karma-ban myself from my own TTT server?

I was making some tests on my TTT server, that I created in the same account I use it, I think it’s called local server, and after killing some bots I got karma-banned, but I have no Advanced Admin Mod installed. And now when I try to create a new server is says I got karma-banned in a pop-up message, so I can’t even access the console on the server.

Does someone know any thing I can do to un-karma-ban myself from my own TTT server? I think there is probably a list of SteamIDs somewhere, but I have no idea where it is.

Thanks in advance. :rolleyes:

take a look somewhere on the guide, Im sure its in there… somewhere

Come on man, could you please be more specific? I looked in that page already, but I could not find anything (I probably missed it) I even looked at the source code.

i think it’s

removeid (steamid)

Or wait the 15 minutes… Or stop rdming…

Use the web console or local console…?

He Karma Banned himself from his own server while killing bots.