How do i uninstall GMod correctly?

I need to reinstall it how do i uninstall ?

Delete it all.


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My games tab, right-click gmod, delete local content.

Delete this garry’s mod folder:

*Delete this one.

i would like no trolling please

Can i get a few more replys to be sure of what to do?

  • i am going to reinstall


To be honest, do this.

2 - 2

^ Im confused as to what i need to do ^

Goto %programfiles%\steam\steamapps\YOUFREAKINGUSERNAMEHERE\ and delete the folder called Garry’s Mod…

Then Goto %programfiles%\steam\steamapps and delete something called garrysmod content.gfc and then redownload it of steam…

Hope it helped…

Just right click and do delete local content. Gmod isn’t that big of a game to redownload, and it’s easier than fucking around with folders, which you don’t know how to do.


I’ve seen several threads where people complain that “delete local content” won’t delete everything.
Try both. Use “delete local content” first, and if some stuff is still there*, delete it manually. :slight_smile:

*“There” being (Posted several times in this thread already)


IIRC, Deleting the local content only removes the Game Cache File. Delete the garrysmod folder and then remove Game Cache File.

You don’t even need to delete the local content, If there’s a problem. Simply verify the cache file instead of reinstalling it.