How do I update my server via gameservers

I attempted to update my server this morning and found out gameservers control panel had removed the option.
I submitted a support ticket to gameservers and their response stated “were working on an update and we will notify you”.
Having said that, is it possible for me to update the server outside the gameservers control panel?

I played on someone’s server and enjoyed the new update, although there were multiple bugs with various things it didn’t stop me from getting to know and enjoy the new patch. Keep it up, hopefully gameservers will figure it out so I can finally update my server.

gameservers is working to get their servers updated, we put a ticket in about it and got that response within 30 min last night…

right on, they replied to me pretty quick too. Well I guess the waiting game begins.

17 hrs since I put in a ticket to get my server back up…

ours is still not back up…grrrrr