How do I upload a .dll on to my server?

Filezilla gives this error: Error: Critical file transfer error
Xenon TCAdmin Panel says: File extension not supported.

How do I get a .dll on the server?

Contact support, many times they limit users by not allowing them to mess with critical files. I’m guessing your installing sourcemod, eh?

Well if your server hosts are blocking that particular file then i dont think you can. If you can extract ZIP files on the server, then upload it as a ZIP and extract it and move it to its proper location. Or you can try renaming it to another file extention before you upload it, then rename it back to the .dll but that might not work.

Put the .dll you want installed into a .zip folder and upload it to the lua/includes/modules and open a ticket for .dll extraction.

Zipping and unzipping doesn’t work and renaming doesn’t work.

Contact support …

Do what i said. Don’t try to extract it the support team will extract it for you.


Hey, can’t we just use the unzip feature or will it not let us? I forgot about that.

We maintain a higher level of security for our clients than some other providers. DLL files can contain malicious code that can cause damage to our servers, which could potentially (unlikely though as we have security in place) cause a negative impact on our other clients servers. Therefore, we employ a stricter method of security on DLL files for the trade off that our clients know their server is safe.

DLL’s can be deadly to a server computer if used maliciously. I’ve seen one destroy an entire server in a matter of an hour from a couple DLL’s and command line tricks. Don’t get me wrong, they’re not all bad.

You will not find many GSP’s that allow DLL uploads due to security reasons. Those that do generally don’t stay around for long.

DLL plugins on a server allow the owner to do many undesirable things in a shared hosting environment, because of this, Xenon does not allow them.

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