how do I Upload weapons to toybox?

When Im uploading to toybox do Have to change the format (like at the moment my stuff is in addon form). Just wondering because when you looks at the code in game for toybox stuff it looks pretty much like a shared file.

I searched for other threads like this but found none, but still if there are sorry.

When uploading a weapon,you need to make everything in a shared.lua file,then you just need to copy everything and paste it in the toybox code editor,and make your script live.
Also,you need to declare scripted entities and effects inside your weapon (taking care of which part is client and serverside).
There is no official toybox guide as far as i know,garry does not want to make one,mainly because the toybox is just one huge “beta” thing,and would be a waste of effort to make a guide not valid the next day. to upload.