How do I use Cannonfodder's hl2 model decompiler?

I’ve downloaded it, but it didn’t come with an executable or anything, and I don’t know what program it’s supposed to affect.

I’m trying to import files into Blender, by the way.

put it in \sourcesdk\bin\ep1\bin.
Get the mdl and other files of the model via gcfscape.
Get the blender SMD plug in.
If that is all done, in blender through the plugin import the reference SMD.

Use the regular mdl decompiler. it is only an exe.

Gcf scape

How to use GCF scape?

-install it, assign gcf and vpk files to open with gcf scape
-open a gcf you want. for hl2 models open the source models.gcf
-click through the file tree.
-extract the model files, which are “*.vtx, *.mdl, *.vvd, *.phy”. It can be, that some of those are missing, if the mdl is missing, you’re doing it wrong.
-open up mdlcompiler.exe. Upper directory, search the mdl,. Lower directory, where it should extract to.

Thanks, i needed that too

I already have GCFScape, and I’ve just decompiled the model I want. Is this the right .smd plugin?

This is an exporter, you need it when you done redoing the model, now you need an importer.

I tried using the importer mentioned on this page but it just gave me this error:

Which source are you decompiling from?
If you’re deco’ing from tf2, use the hacked decompiler:

Or use the hex edit trick, both works good.

I’ve experienced that hex edit sometmes don’t work but that the hacked decompiler does

I was decompiling from HL2.

With that, I should be able to get .smd from the .mdl file ?

It will be awesome !

But, decompiler crash each time I use it ! I only get 0 kilo octet qc files.

Any solution ?

unchecked each box?

Damned, I feel dumb, English is not my mother tongue ! I don’t know what you’re talking about

Where you from then?
By unchecked I mean that all the three boxes at the bottom are white and clean, no black stuff there.

I’m french!

Ok I don’t think I use it properly ! I mean I just put the .mdl file and the other (vtx, vvd…) and click on decompile_all.

That is how it is supposed to look like when decompiling.

Ok, the program doesn’t work on my computer. There is no interface show up, only black window ! I’m using Seven (os).

When I put it in the hl2e1 bin in source sdk I cant open it can you help me?

Has anyone figured out how to decompile them without it? Either mdl/studio decompiler got broken by an update or they aren’t compatible with Windows 7.