How do I use easy precision?

Hi, I’ve been looking all over using google, and can’t actually find a tutorial explaining how to configure and use easy precision STool. I’ve tried messing around with it myself and can’t get it to do anything other than be annoying (like making things sink halfway into the ground). I have the latest version installed, it works, I just can’t figure it out. Could someone post a quick but usefull (not “It’s great for building things, just remember to set the offset properly”) explanation on how to use it. Thanks in advance!

ok, well, just use the “Move TO” for large ships or robots, or basically big things, turn on auto nocollide, and then smart constrain things together, and then just use normal weld for smaller things, if you don’t understand the simple stuff yourself, then leave the other options alone.

It’s like an easy weld, it’s like a prop pusher-without-breaking-constraints-tool, it’s like a good tool.
I guarantee that this is 500x better than easy weld, or your money back.
It’s the SmartConstraintWOW!, you’ll say “Holy shit” every time.

(Excuse my poor infomercial skills)

But really, it’s better than easy weld, it gets it more, well… precise. It’s like most of the standard GMod tools all in one. Also, it adds pushing, and moving.
I’ll get more in detail once I fire up GMod.

ok, could you give an example though of how I would, let say make a cube using easy precision to align the parts. Oh yeah and I see a whole bunch of settings like degrees. I think I understand what each one does, but I don’t get how to set them properly, like what value do I want for the degrees setting? Thanks for answering earlier, its nice to have quick replys. :slight_smile:

use smart snap too, it’s pretty self explanatory, tbh, if you cant make a cube using easy weld, perhaps Gmod isn’t the game for you.

OMG! I was using that as an example! What do you want me to ask, how to build a fortress or somthing? I just sort of assumed that you didn’t want to have to have to write a 200 line post. Sorry for freaking, I was just frustrated that when I was trying to make it easier for you to explain, you assume I’m stupid. Not your fault, LOL, whatever, so basically I am just using the cube thing so that you can easily and quickly explain how to align things precisely at different angles.

smart snap, hold ‘E’ on the middle guides on the side, click on the first plate, click on second, repeat, use smart constrain. (this assumes you are using “Move To”

ok, I’ll try that, and again sorry that I freaked out. I’m sort of annoyed at one of my friends to, he was supposed to return my bike that he borrowed and I really want to ride over to subway, but it will take like 40 mins to walk.

EDIT: By the way, thanks for the help.

make some toast, toast p00ns.

ok, I’ve tried that, and it moves it fine, but it’s halfway into the ground now. What are the default or best settings that I should set for easy precision?

EDIT: I need to know these because the settings look a little odd to me at least, rotation degrees are set to 46 for some reason, plus I want to be sure the other settings are configured correctly.

Wow, that was fairly douchy, pl0xinat0r. It’s much easier to discourage someone than offering real help, isn’t it? Gmod in general can be extremely frustrating at first.

Easy precision isn’t easy to figure out, especially considering there are no decent instructions and it’s really hard to find any in-depth tutorials out there. Just saying click the contact point on one item and click a point on the other doesn’t give any explanation of how to do it at all. The orientation of the model is real tough to get correct and the rotation axis can be way off, not to mention the positioning might be off even if you get the rotation axis correct.

The positioning of the item you’re trying to weld on is completely dependent on which points you click. Sometimes two points are spaced close together, so you have to try different points, and like someone mentioned already hold down the “E” key when clicking points and the points should light up in green.

Make sure to check “Add nudges to undo list.” Then, hit the “Z” key a couple times if you’re unhappy with the result.
At times you may need to set “Rotation Amount.” to “0” to get an exact fit.
With stuff like squares you can set it to “45” to make things faster.
Also, if your object doesn’t seem to align perfectly on one side, hit “Z” a couple of times and then try welding to an equivalent contact point on another edge of the object.

Freeze your objects in the air and work on them there so you don’t weld stuff to the ground.

BTW, Easy Weld is crap compared to Easy Precision.