How do I use FastDL on a TCADMIN control panel.

I know it says " Fast Download Sync" but I want to know how to make the files go to that and actually go to my fastdl website. That is my fastDL website but my guns, models, etc… Won’t go there. I looked it up, got this website - but I didn’t understand. Just wondering if someone can give me a more vivid explanation and more explanation.

I payed for this server and I made a big mistake because I learned about the wrong info and I been working on it since jan 14. I’m on the Printers, Models, Jobs, Guns , Addons stuff. Just knowing this will remove like 10% of my stress. If anyone can help me please add me Steam Name - magafeftw

Thank you for reading.

That FastDL sync doesn’t work that well. Ask your host to give you FTP connection to the FastDL and set it up yourself instead of using that unstable Fast Download Sync button.

Sometimes, manually using a fastdl is no option for some customers (on some providers, giving ftp access messes up permissions).

You’ll need to place model/material files in their respective folders, instead of sitting in a addon subdirectory (If you’ve looked at addons, you’ll have noticed how they mimic the gmod folder layout)

Even then, fastdl sync doesn’t always work on syncing all folders, but it’s a simple solution

Would be a nice workaround. Although I’m sick of these GSP’s just cashing in money instead of hiring developers who can make working mirrors and a reliable network.

but if I want to place stuff on my server for fastdl where do I do this?

Ask your host.