How do I use Gmad.exe and GMPublish.exe?

Garry has made a new method of uploading to the workshop, and it’s 10x more needlessly complicated yay

does anybody know how to use it?

On the main thread, garry gives us a bunch of commands for uploading, but he doesn’t tell us where and how to use them. :frowning:

GMOD Workshopper has stopped working, so this is all I have to work with for now until he fixes it.

its basic cmd commands, you could also do it with launch parametres on shortcuts but that seems a bit redundant

That’s just obnoxious.

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Yeah, I wanna know how to use the commands on the exe or impliment it, making a bat file for each IS redundant.

well, do you know basic cmd? thats basically all you need to use this. first, get to your garrysmod/bin folder by using cd [next folder in tree] and then do gmad.exe -[parametre, find these in the gmad thread]

How so? It says it in the OPs!

I had already previously indicated that I already read those, but I appreciate you trying to help, now that I know you weren’t just joking.

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oh, okay, so I do it in command prompt?

I wish garry would have just said so :stuck_out_tongue:

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Um, generally, when people give you text commands to enter, those go on the command-line interface for your OS. The only other place to put it would be in the Run box (in Windows), and the only difference there is that you don’t get to see the output text.

Yeah I guess it seems obvious now that you mention it

What needs typed in to cmd to run gmad? I am computer stupid when it comes to commands but I am trying to learn them.

You type nothing into CMD; you create a .bat file with the commands needed to accomplish whatever you are doing. The commands are located in the threads I linked above.

I do not know how to create a bat file. I guess I should do some research lol

Go into notepad --> Save as --> namehere.bat

Just type .bat at the end of the name of a notepad file

If I were you, I’d go see if you find a download for Workshopper.

I personally found it a lot easier to work with.

Wait, workshopper still works?

Yes but it is no longer supported. If it breaks in the future then it’ll not be fixed.

It still has a few issues when uploading larger addons.

Link here for the program:

Well that would make sense if it still worked at the time this thread was made :stuck_out_tongue:

Whether we like it or not, these command-line executable are here to stay. It’s really simple once you get efficient at it.

They’re also really efficient as in once you write the script, they’re instant. With workshopper, you have to go through the whole process again; just with a fancy GUI. With GMad/GMPublish, you can reuse scripts and easily use the script for multiple addons.

If I knew how to code other then HTML I would gladly make a GUI that kinda works like the old Workshopper. I still Workshopper for uploading addons because I’m lazy.