How do I use more than one skin?

So I have portal, and I downloaded a bunch of the Companion Cube skins, but what I want to know is, how do I add these skins without replacing the original, and allow them to be switched to with the Skin Switcher tool ( while maintaining, as I said, the originals? I want to be able to use the Weighted Storage Cube skin, the Companion Cube skin, and a variety of skins designed for this model. Any help?

Hex it. Look up some tutorials on hexing, there are plenty out there.

Okay, excuse my newbishness, but what exactly does hexing do?

You basically just copy the model, rename it, then open it with a hexadecimal editor and change the path to the texture that it uses.

Okay. I assume this requires some kind of software, would Blender work?

Edit: Okay, thanks for your help!


I recall someone mentioning something about texture groups…apparently if you use texture groups, you don’t need to make separate models.

EDIT: Found a link on VDC explaining what I’m talking about. This is much easier than hexing and has more advantages. Not sure if Gmod supports them, though (I can’t imagine that it doesn’t).

Multiple Skins for a Single Model

I would like to know how the alternate skin function works in HL2.

SDK states using the skin command you can include alternate texture swaps for your character.
…but I could never figure out how to switch that in gmod

You need set that up during model compile.