how do i use my custom made lua scripts on my server ?

i have a pretty big problem with the spectator mode, it doesn’t work.

I would then like to try fixing it with lua script, and later on i might do some more lua script for my server but for now, I really OLNY WISH TO FIX THE GODDAM SPECTATOR MODE.

so my question is how do i use my custom made lua script for my server.

It depends on the script.

:suicide: what a question. open garrysmod/lua/autorun. If you have shared script place into garrysmod/lua/autorun. If you have clientside script inside garrysmod/lua/autorun/client. If you have serverside script inside garrysmod/lua/autorun/server. :suicide:

can you then give me an example, of what the difference between serverside and clientside is?

How can you write a script without know what server / client sided code is.

I have not written it yet. As i said i would like to try fixing it with a lua script. but i just need to know all this before i beging. im pretty new, but i’m really up for learning all this stuff :wink:

server does stuff on the server, client does stuff on the client.

Clearly this will mean nothing to you since I doubt you have any understanding… Of anything. Read the sticky it has some good links to get you started.