How do i use my custom maps in gmod

how do i make my custom gmod map playable on gmod?

ive already set up my configuration to garrys mod and when i add it to the maps list on gmod it doesnt show up… what do i do???

Did you put it in /$steamdir/garrysmod/garrysmod/maps?

If not, put it there. If you did, check in the Garry’s Mod maps and in the Other maps lists.

try typing the map in the console
For example “map gm_construct” but instead of gm_construct, your map name.

If it cannot find your map, then you didn’t put it in the right place.

did u compile it?

Make sure its file extension is .bsp of course, and put in the right directory too like GameDev said.

Have a transparent avatar too.

You don’t have to make hammer’s configuration set to garry’s mod in order to make a map that works in it.

Most source game maps will run in it just fine, especially the ones hammer has set up by default.

Would be a lot nicer to have it set to garry’s mod, this way you can get ALL the textures.