How do I use my new animated loading screen?

Ok, so I have downloaded a custom/animated loading screen but i have no idea of uploading it/how to use it, can anyone help me? I’ve looked everywhere but still no idea.

Have a look at this page on the Garry’s Mod Wiki:

Yeah, I saw that already, but i don’t understand it, am i supposed to have a website for it?

Well what so you mean you have a custom animated loading screen? Is is it in code or some sort of image? I haven’t really done it before but from what I’ve read you set the sv_loadingurl to the page which has your custom loading screen. If it were an image, you could upload it somewhere and use the link to the image for it.

Yes, theres a Html script, but i have no idea where to add it

I believe you’ll need to create a website for it or something. It needs to be on a site so you can set it under sv_loadingurl. You might be able to find a free website builder/hoster otherwise there might be an alternative to this although I personally do not know of any.

sigh ok thanks for your help!

Alot of the free sites I have seen don’t allow you to use your own code buuut
A very, very amazing and sexy person named dexon made this:

If, for whatever reason, you can’t put it on, you can always put it on your FastDL server if you have one.

And how could i do that?

sv_loadingurl “
on server console

If you are having issues doing this because you dont have a webhost you could always use they have free webhosting.

that host is horrible, really slow

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Use this

Ok well i need huge assistance, i need someone to Skype me and guide me how to set up the coding in the custom loading screen because i have no idea what I’m doing.

If you are experienced with HTML/Animated loading screens, skype me: Myloexe

Upload it to
It will give you a link to your index.html file.
Follow that to add it to your server.

I thought you said you already had one? Regardless I don’t have any experience with it so I’m not really much help.