How do i use ScreenScale() Properly?

Could someone explain how i would use ScreenScale() to resize gui to fit all resolutions and give me an example of using it with derma?

You don’t use ScreenScale for that, you use it for fonts.

You use ScrW() and ScrH() for resizing GUI.

for positioning and scaling? because i have a widescreen with an aspect ratio of 16:9 and when i do ScrW() / 2 and ScrH() / 2 it doesn’t center the panel its offset to the bottom right.

That’s because the panel’s “center” is its top left corner, not the center of the panel.

So when you set pos to Scrw() / 2 and ScrH() / 2 you set the panels top left cornet into that position.

Do ScrW() / 2 - panel:GetWide() / 2 and ScrH() / 2 - panel:GetTall() / 2

lol i don’t know why i didn’t realize that. Also do you mind if i add you i don’t usually have questions or if i do they aren’t to often but you seem to be really active and very helpful?

You post your questions here and somebody will help you. I can’t possibly help every person on this forum over PMs.