How do I use Siminovs WWII sweps, for a server?

It seems my download of Siminovs “All WWII DoD SWeps” pack doesn’t work for garrys mod 13, so how do I either get an updated version, or use the old version for my server? I’ve seen DarkRP servers using it aplenty, so what should I do? I tried contacting him to no avail.

Just downloaded it, works fine for me. Are you sure your download isn’t timing out?

If for any reason you absolutely need to have that, the latest version can be found on Workshop.

Why not? Siminovs WWII sweps were by far my favorite swep pack, being both the most realistic, least laggy, and most feature-rich. Not to mention, name one other place to find a decent Mosin nagant, sten, or whatever else it has that was cool.

Well the base has basically been milked to shit at this point. At first I thought “simbase” was alright but frankly he’s taking it a bit far at this point :confused:
I guess you’re right about there not being any other alternative, but most realistic? Eh. Least laggy? no, he explicitly tells you that his packs use a lot of effects.

Eh, I recall Kermites packs being nice for a while, but lacked the features, and were FAR more laggy than Siminovs. It’s a good base, I like that it’s used a lot. I’m a firearm guru of sorts, and it’s nice seeing things like chambering rounds when needed. You used to NEVER see that in Gmod addons. That, and you can drop the guns, lower them, etc. There are world animations for lowering, which is lovely, and the variety is unmatched. I haven’t seen many packs with a decent STEN gun. Also, thanks, I just looked in the workshop and found it. I suppose he uploaded it recently, because last time I checked it wasn’t there…

and you know how to put workshop addons on a server, yes?

Yes. Thanks for asking, though.

aight, good luck