How do I use the Hammer Editor for the Steam version of Half-Life 1?

Right, I’m a regular user of Half-Life 2’s Hammer editor, and now I want to try some mapping for a game I’ve wanted to do maps for since 1998.

I’ve downloaded the regular Hammer editor, it doesn’t have any Game Configuration loaded, and I have no idea how to add one, seeing as all my Half-Life files are in the Steam folder.

(Why didn’t Valve just put the regular Hammer editor on Steam?)

Have you tried to put HL1 in game configurations? You just click add, and look for the HL1 folder in steam/steamapps/“yourname”/Hl1?

This is what the Game Configuration tab looks like:

(Ofcourse I know the game directory and all that jazz, but, RMF Directory? Game Data Files?)

The RMF is probably the models importer. Game data files, probably the data files for Half life binaries etc etc. idk about the other stuff… Are those settings you need to “set” in order for it to work, or are they “chooseable” ?

Right, I think I figured it out. Now I need to add the textures. Where the hell are those? (I suspect I need to use GCFScape?)

RMF is the predecessor of VMF, so that’s the directory where your map source files are located.
The FGD/Game Data File contains information about the used entities. It’s normally located in the main directory of the mod you’re mapping for. In case of Valves games, yeah, they might be located in the according GCF. There are custom FGDs (google) with fixed/extended entity funtions around.
Textures are packaged in WAD files., also usually located in the mods main directory.

Oh and if you’re really intending to create maps for HL1, you should get Zoners custom compile tools and use them instead of the native valve tools, as those are outdated.