how do i use these textures

i don’t know where to to put them and how to use them…

Put them in game name/game suffix/materials.

they still show up as pink and black checkers is hammer

Open up the vmt and check the directory, either change it or make it.

dont work…

I looked at the texture, Its just bubbles, And some code i dont understand. also, Its black ingame

In the code, what is the directory?

i dont know

	"$RefractTexture" _rt_WaterRefraction
	"$ReflectTexture" _rt_WaterReflection
 	"$normalmap" "nature/water_cc_norm"
	"$REFRACTTINT" "{0 255 150}"
 	"$refractamount" 0.1
 	"$reflectamount" 0.1
	"$fresnelpower" 2
	 "$bluramount" 2
	"$scale" "[2 2]"
			"animatedtexturevar" "$normalmap"
			"animatedtextureframenumvar" "$bumpframe"
			"animatedtextureframerate" 25.00

			"texturescrollvar" "$bumpTransform"
			"texturescrollrate" 0.2
			"texturescrollangle" 90.00



Ok, the normal map (that’s the bluey texture) called water_cc_norm should be in game name/game name suffix/materials/nature.

The textures _rt_waterrefraction/reflection should be in game name/game name suffix/materials.

ah, Will try


wait what?

i have two files,

what file is rt_waterrefraction/reflection