how do i use wallworm for smd in 3ds max?

i have 3ds max 2014 and i want to see if i can use it to make tf2 items, does it export groped smds? can it import models with showed bones? can i import full models of the mercenaries?

Yes, wallworm can do all of that. However, I don’t know if it supports 2014 yet.

I’m pretty sure it does. The guy that made the tools made them compatible with 3DS Max 2014 not too long after that version was released, iirc.


You can find all necessary info about Wallworm either here or here.

I’ve tried to use Wall Worm with 3ds Max 2014 x64 a bit, and it seems to be troubled in importing bones from either qc’s or smd’s. I’m giving the x32 a shot once I’ve finished installing it.